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Mar 08 14:28

Elm Tree II

Elm Tree II

Another take on the elm tree, This was done in SilverEFX Pro an Aperture plug-in.

Mar 05 11:28

Wingsuit Formation Flying

I don't normally place content like this on the site but this is so remarkable I felt I had to make an exception, enjoy!

Exploring the Sky - Wingsuit Flying 2011 from Richard Schneider on Vimeo.

Mar 03 22:11


There's this photographer up in Boston who's trying to capture the local music scene. Here's an example of her work: JESSOGRAPHY check it out.

Mar 02 22:16

Palms in Black & White

Palms in Black & White

These palms were found in a local park, Crew Lake Park in Pasco County, Fla. The image was taken with a Canon 40D, ISO 200, 37mm, (17 - 50 mm Tamron zoom lens) ƒ/4.5, 1/125, RAW. at 16:30.

Mar 01 16:00

Elm Tree in Bud B&W

Elm Tree in Bud B&W

The Elm Tree again this time in Black and White.

Feb 28 15:07

Red Moon - Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is an amazing picture, just had to show it.

Red Snow Moon Over Edmonton.

See the full explanation here.

Feb 22 15:40

Aperture Tooltip HUD

One of the most common questions on the Apple Aperture forum list is How do I get rid of this window that opens in front of any image I place my mouse over?

Feb 20 17:45

Elm Tree in Bud

Elm Tree in Bud

While this looks like the tree buds are wet or iced over it is actually just the angle of the sun and the way the Elm tree buds are.

Each bud is surrounded by very fine, almost hairlike, threads. When they catch the sun just right you get this effect.

Feb 16 17:44

Safari and the LCSI Plugin - Update

I hadn't tried the LCSI plugin for some time and when I did I discovered it still wasn't working in Safari. So I sent an email off and received a quick reply informing that the plugin isn't 64 bit capable yet but if I started Safari in 32 bit mode it would work.

Feb 10 10:45

Aperture Service: Reveal Current Selection

One thing thats always annoyed me is how the current selection disappears when you change the images in the Browser window.

As an example, you are in the Photos view of the library. All your images are displayed. You then create a filter which narrows down the images displayed to say 5.