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From the end of the nose of the Buddha on the moor hang icicles.

Apr 18 11:12

Apple DId It! Discussions Site Software Updated.

Finally after a very long time Apple has updated the Communities Discussions site.

Apr 16 08:59

Are Apple Discussions Finally Getting the Upgrade?

The Apple discussions site has ben unavailable since last night (EST). The message is that We are busy updating Apple Discussions for you and will be back shortly.

Apr 12 21:24

Backyard Visitor

Backyard Visitor

Spring and the snakes are out. This is a Black Racer, non-venomous but with a terrible attitude. Most non-venomous snakes will back off after a show of being tough, Black Racers truly believe they are tough!

Mar 30 20:42

Aperture: Deleting Images After Import

In a recent post in the Apple Aperture discussion group someone asked if Aperture could delete the image files once they have been imported. One thing I should mention is that the images were being imported from a folder not the camera.

Mar 30 20:19

Water Lily

Water Lily

The first lily of the season in out backyard pond.

Mar 25 21:14



Ferns in deep shade. shot RAW converted to Black & White in Aperture.

Mar 14 22:59

Aperture Service: Calculate Image Size in Inches

In a recent thread in Apple Aperture Discussions Show sizes in inches the OP wanted to have Aperture display the size of the image in inches. The only problem with the request is that an images doesn't have a size until the pixels meet the paper.

Mar 12 20:56

Woodgrain - Axial Light

Woodgrain - Axial Light

Canon 40D; ISO 100; ƒ/16; 1/40; 41mm; 12:17

Mar 12 13:18

Sweet Gum Tree

Sweet Gum Tree

Canon 40D; ISO 200 ;ƒ/5.6; 1/250; 50mm

Mar 10 16:12

Books by Ansel Adams