Logo Projects

Welcome to the LOGO projects page. In order to run the MicroWorlds projects you will need the plugin from LCSI.

Select a project category from the menu on the right.

The MSWLogo menu item will take you to a listing of projects that run in MSWLogo. These projects do not run in your web browser, you will need to download the code and run them locally.

The MicroWorlds menu item will take you to a lisiting of projects that run in MicroWorlds. You can run these projects in your web browser if you have the plugin from LCSI. You will also find a link to the project code. The category links list projects that best fit into those categories.

Please note that the placement of a project into a particular category does not mean that that project only fits into that one category. All of the projects easily fit into multiple categories and all of the projects could be considered Teaching Projects. This list is here to make it easier for you to locate a project for a particular topic.

When you are done with a project please take a moment to let me know what you thought of it. Also if you are looking for a project for a specific topic and do not find it here let me know and I may be able to provide it in the future.