Mandelbrot Images

In August of 1985 Scientfic American, published an article by A. K. Dewdney. The article appeared in that months Computer Recreations column.

The column was about Mandelbrot sets; how to generate them on a personel computer. At the time I was programming for a law firm in New York City and we had just received Apple LaserWriter printers with that brand new technology, PostScript. The article gave me a reason to learn PostScript and so I went about coding up the program and producing wonderfull images. Of course they were grayscale but still there was something very compelling about them.

A lot of time has past since then. Recently while going through some boxes I ran across that issue of Scientfic American and of some of the printouts I had made. I decided to rewrite the program now that I had color capabilities. I wrote a version in Smalltalk and another in Logo. Both programs ran much to slowly to be of real use so I decided to give Java a try. Bingo! The data files were produced in a resonal time.

The program to draw the images is written in MSWLogo. There are a number of features in the program that make it easy to manipulate and save the images.

Now available for download!

Both programs are available to anyone who would like them. Be forewarned however that there is minimal documentation. Your best bet to understanding the program is to get a hold of the 1985 issue of Scientific American. Also note the Java class file requires that Java be installed on your machine. Because the program needs to write the data file it is not possible for the program to run as an applet in the browser. You could just run the MSWLogo displayer with the data files that are available. If enough people do this I may make other data files available for download.

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