Sep 15 16:08

Aperture Import Action Scripts

These two scripts wil setup an Aperture library to store images in a Year, Month, Day format.

May 10 14:00

Aperture Service: Target Album/Quick Collection

There are many ways in Aperture to collect a selection of images and turn make them into a smart album or regular album; labels, ratings, keywords and flags are just a few of them.

May 09 12:55

Time Lapsed Photography in Aperture using AppleScript

I was playing around with Time Lapse Photography recently. Looking for a way to do it on the cheap. Automator has a nice way of doing this, using the action Take Picture or Take video snapshot (see Automator for the difference between the two).

Mar 30 20:42

Aperture: Deleting Images After Import

In a recent post in the Apple Aperture discussion group someone asked if Aperture could delete the image files once they have been imported. One thing I should mention is that the images were being imported from a folder not the camera.

Mar 14 22:59

Aperture Service: Calculate Image Size in Inches

In a recent thread in Apple Aperture Discussions Show sizes in inches the OP wanted to have Aperture display the size of the image in inches. The only problem with the request is that an images doesn't have a size until the pixels meet the paper.

Dec 10 11:47

Aperture: Search albums for a specific image

This is an Applescript which will take the current selection and search all albums in the current library for that image. A list of the albums which contain the image is displayed and the user can select one of the albums to go to.

If you download this applescript please take a moment to let me know. Comments are welcome.