Aperture Tooltip HUD

One of the most common questions on the Apple Aperture forum list is How do I get rid of this window that opens in front of any image I place my mouse over?

It happens to almost all new users, you randomly hit a bunch of keys and then this pops up and you can't remember which keys you hit. Searching for it in the Users Manual can be difficult, especially if you don't know what the thing is calle. So what now?

Well the window is called the tooltip HUD (Heads Up Display) and you toggle it on and off by pressing the T key.

But before you dismiss it take a moment to look at it and realize all the valuable information it contains. And as an added bonus you can customize the information it holds to fit the way you use Aperture. More on the customization of this and other places information is displayed will appear in a future blog,

So remember to get rid of that annoying window (or to get it back again) use the T key.