Aperture Service: Target Album/Quick Collection

There are many ways in Aperture to collect a selection of images and turn make them into a smart album or regular album; labels, ratings, keywords and flags are just a few of them.

However one drawback that Aperture has is that there is no easy way to add a selection to an already existing album. The selection must be dragged to the album. While this isn't to much of a problem with a small selection with a selection that spans containers it can be less than convenient. Also if you're library contains a complicated structure of folders and albums it can be difficult to locate the target album once you've started to drag.

In an attempt to overcome some of these limitations I've created three AppleScripts that are intended to be installed in the Aperture Services menu and that create a target folder structure. The three scripts/services are:

  • setTargetAlbum
  • showTargetAlbum
  • copyToTargetAlbum

The current target album is remembered between Aperture sessions and is unique to the library. That is if you have more then one Aperture library each can have their own target album.

setTargetAlbum will display a list of current albums and allow you to select one or to create a new album not in the list.

showTargetAlbum will display the name of the current target album and ask if you want to reveal the album. If you say yes then the images in the target album are displayed.

copyToTargetAlbum will copy the current selection to the target album.

To install the services download and unzip the attachment. You will have three workflow files. Copy the files into your Home/Library/Services folder and restart Aperture. If you want to create keyboard shortcuts for these open System Preferences, click on Keyboard and then Keyboard Shortcuts. Add the shortcuts as you normally would.

If you try these out please let me know what you think.

A Note on Albums

Aperture doesn't provide a way for a script such as these to differentiate between the varied album types. That is regular albums, smart albums, books, slideshows etc all look the same to the script. Because of this the list of albums displayed by setTargetAlbum will contain all these. You must make sure that you select a regular album for the target, the script cannot check your response. Of course if you chose to create an album the correct type of album will be created.

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