Aperture Service: Reveal Current Selection

One thing thats always annoyed me is how the current selection disappears when you change the images in the Browser window.

As an example, you are in the Photos view of the library. All your images are displayed. You then create a filter which narrows down the images displayed to say 5.

You select one of those images then remove the filter. All you images are displayed again but the image you had selected is buried. It still has the selection but there is no easy way to find it.

This workflow is installed in Apertures Service menu as showSelection. Any time you invoke it it will reveal the current selection.

To install it, download it. Uncompress it and move the showSelection.workflow to your Home/Library/Services folder. (Home stands for your home folder on you Mac).
After you install it you must restart Aperture.
Once installed it should show up in Apertures Services menu.

showSelection.workflow.zip60.8 KB