Aperture Import Action Scripts

These two scripts wil setup an Aperture library to store images in a Year, Month, Day format.

The script RunProjectTime.scpt is meant to be run from the AppleScript editor. It will start-up Aperture create the folder structure and move the images into the new structure.

The script ImportProjectTime.scpt is meant to be installed as Apertures Import Action Script. Once it is installed as such it will be run by Aperture as the end of each import done via the Import window.

As written the top level folder is named _Projects By Year. This can be changed by editing the line:

set rootFolder to "_Projects By Year" -- Set this to the name of the root folder for the projects

and changing the "_Projects By Year" text to the name of the top level folder you wish. If you change this make sure you change in it both scripts.

As Always make sure you have a good working backup of your library before using these scripts for the first time.

Also they were written for 10.6.8 I haven't upgraded to Lion yet so while they should work OK in Lion..... If you do use these in Lion let me know how they work.

Update: Been running these on Lion now for some time and all is fine.

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