April 2011

Apr 18 11:12

Apple DId It! Discussions Site Software Updated.

Finally after a very long time Apple has updated the Communities Discussions site.

Apr 16 08:59

Are Apple Discussions Finally Getting the Upgrade?

The Apple discussions site has ben unavailable since last night (EST). The message is that We are busy updating Apple Discussions for you and will be back shortly.

Apr 12 21:24

Backyard Visitor

Backyard Visitor

Spring and the snakes are out. This is a Black Racer, non-venomous but with a terrible attitude. Most non-venomous snakes will back off after a show of being tough, Black Racers truly believe they are tough!

Apr 09 23:28


Contradiction is not a sign of falsity, nor the lack of contradiction a sigh of truth.

Apr 09 23:26


Leaf fallen, flying back to the branch, butterfly.