February 2011

Feb 28 15:07

Red Moon - Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is an amazing picture, just had to show it.

Red Snow Moon Over Edmonton.

See the full explanation here.

Feb 28 11:40


Become a Buddha? The mind can't do it. The body can't do it. Only what can't become a Buddha becomes a Buddha.

Feb 27 11:11


So in the end when one is doing philosophy one gets to the point where one would like just to emit an inarticulate sound.

Feb 26 11:37


Birth is just like this, death is just like this - composing a verse? What purpose could it have?

Feb 22 15:20


All religions pass, but this will remain; simply sitting in a chair and looking in the distance.

Feb 22 15:16


There are three classes of people. Those who see; those who see when they are shown; those who do not see.

Feb 22 15:40

Aperture Tooltip HUD

One of the most common questions on the Apple Aperture forum list is How do I get rid of this window that opens in front of any image I place my mouse over?

Feb 22 13:52


What is reality? An icicle forming in fire.

Feb 22 13:47


Here in the stillness of snow falling on snow.